About Us


Bukhara Brilliant Silk - since 1927 has been operating as a manufacturer of 100% natural silk such as:

- raw silk

- yarn

- thread

- fabrics

- finished products

Having its own

- mulberry plantations

- plant

- warehouses

- sewing workshops

Bukhara Brilliant Silk has absolute control over every production process. This allows the company to ensure the volume and quality of its products on time. Today, our company is considered a successful and dynamically developing enterprise, which is based on the latest technology, and all products are manufactured on European equipment of leading companies. More than 500 employees are involved in the production, covering the entire silk processing cycle.
The production process involves artists and designers who are constantly updating the range of exclusive creations for our products.
BBS products are recognized as the standard of high quality, which attracts buyers with its practicality and affordable price.
We guarantee the quality provided by numerous tests of each process separately.
This is a center of true excellence, created using the cultural and technological knowledge of the silk industry in Uzbekistan. We are reviving the traditions of the domestic silk industry, relying on the best world experience.

Product presentation: https://bit.ly/BBSPresent



FINISHED PRODUCTS from 100% natural silk from Bukhara Brilliant Silk are an extraordinary combination of luxury and incredible comfort and beauty at the same time. Made from natural silk, the products have good thermoregulatory properties, are hypoallergenic, hygroscopic and maintain an ideal moisture balance of your body thanks to the amino acids contained in silk fiber. We will be happy to offer you the best choice!

 HOME TEXTILE  - made of high quality 100% natural silk fabric, includes:


- blankets

- pillows

- bedspreads

- curtains

- tablecloths

- towels

- sleepwear

Blankets and pillows filled with 100% silk fibers. Eco-friendly and natural products will create an atmosphere of coziness, comfort, luxury and sophistication. The incredible combination of properties of the products of this line promotes healthy sleep and preserves youthful skin for a long time. The natural silk fabric from which the products are made is practical and easy to care for, rich in amino acids useful for the body. The hygroscopicity of the material makes them very comfortable and light. The availability of digital printing allows you to create your own design and color in accordance with your home or office interior.

WOMEN'S CLOTHING - the company is engaged in the wholesale of women's clothing. Clothes are sewn on modern equipment. Manufactured women's clothing is of high quality, has a stylish design, original trim details and meets fashion trends. The ability to order tailoring of your own collection is the company's advantage. This means that customers can take part in the development of models or order individual tailoring of their own collection. Bukhara Brilliant Silk, with its own weaving and dyeing workshops, makes it possible to create any digital print on the silk fabric of your choice. The line includes:

- silk robes (quilted, single-layer, two-layer, three-layer)

- silk pajamas

- silk oriental dresses

- outerwear (quilted coats and jackets)

- light silk clothes (spring-summer collection).

ACCESSORIES – the most exquisite line of finished products made from natural silk by BBS. The line is made in a sophisticated style and corresponds to the latest fashion trends. Accessories:

-silk scarves

- shawls and turbans

- ties and bow ties

- headbands

- scrunches

- bags

- wallets and cosmetic bags

The creation of all these accessories is aimed at making life easier, more comfortable and more beautiful.

NATURAL SILK FABRICS - We produce various types of silk fabrics such as:

- atlas

- crepe de chine

- crepe georgette

- crepe chiffon

- muslin

- jacquard

Dyed fabrics, digitally printed fabrics, PFD fabrics (prepared for dyeing) and raw fabrics are available. The composition of the fabrics 100% natural silk. Standard width – 110cm and 250cm. For other parameters, see the link https://bit.ly/BBSPresent

Raw silk - natural high quality, produced on Belgian and French equipment. 70% of raw silk is exported to China, UAE, Iran, Pakistan, India and Turkey. The remaining 30% is used for the production of finished silk products. Available parameters of raw silk:

 - 20 / 22D

 - 27 / 29D

 - 40 / 44D

 - (2A, 3A, 4A

 - string

 - silk fiber

 - twisted silk

 - torn silk

For the rest of the parameters, see the link: https://bit.ly/BBSPresent



Company Representative Offices

The BBS company began its activity in the production of silk since 1927,

then on the site of the current huge factory there was only a spinning workshop where raw silk was produced.

So, from year to year expanding and developving the company reached its present size.

And now the company is a cluster, which includes the entire production cycle from the initial to the final stage, i.e.,

starting with the breeding of caterpillars, collecting the cocoon, the production of raw silk and threads,

the production of silk fabrics and finished products takes place in the factory of Bukhara Brilliant Silk itself.

Today, the company's export geographic map includes a number of countries such as France, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Poland,

Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and there are also representative offices and trading houses in Russia, France and the United Arab Emirates.

In the future, it is planning to open trading houses in Australia, Turkey and Kazakhstan.